Creating the Model

Create the model in CADFEKO. Define any ports and sources required for the model. Specify the operating frequency or frequency range for the model.

Define the variables and media.
  1. Repeat Step 1 to Step 4 in SEP Model.
Create the aperture.
  1. Repeat Step 5 in SEP Model.
  2. Set the solver method for the aperture face to use Planar Green's function aperture.
Create the patch.
  1. Repeat Step 8 in SEP Model.
Create the microstrip feed line and plate (via) that connects the infinite ground plane and feed line.
  1. Repeat Step 9 and Step 10 in SEP Model.
Create the positive and negative terminals of the edge port.
  1. Repeat Step 11 in SEP Model.
  2. Create an infinite ground plane using a planar multilayer substrate with a conducting layer at the bottom.
    1. Select Plane / ground.
      • Select Planar multilayer substrate in the drop-down list.
      • Thickness (Layer 1): d_b
      • Medium (Layer 1): top_layer
      • Ground plane (Layer 1): PEC
      • Thickness (Layer 2): d_a
      • Medium (Layer 2): bottom_layer
      • Ground plane (Layer 1): None
      • Z value at the top of layer 1: d_a
  3. Union all parts.
Add an edge port, voltage source, specify the frequency and define symmetry.
  1. Repeat Step 19 to Step 22 to in SEP Model.