Efficiency map - FeMT

Positioning and objective

The aim of the test “Performance mapping – Sine wave – Motor – Efficiency map - FeMT” is to characterize the machine efficiency map, launching a set of transient simulations which allows very high accuracy.
Note: This test is not available for polyphase machines.

The resulting model is fully parameterized, and it is built in Flux® 2D environment, transient application. To run this test, Flux® 2D offers a dedicated toolbox called Flux e-Machine Toolbox (FeMT), which automatically manage the set of simulations and their postprocessing to build complete and accurate maps.

Through this export, the users will obtain a FeMT project ready to be solved. Additionally, the Flux® 2D project used by FeMT is also available.

Note: It should be noted that, even if the export process is quite fast, the simulation in FeMT is based on a big set of transient simulations, that usually requires a high computation time. For more information, refer to FeMT Help.

Flux e-Machine Toolbox (FeMT

The following section describes all the user inputs to initialize the exported model.