Bearings inputs

1. Overview

SHAFT – Bearing - Design area
1 Selection of the MACHINE subset: SHAFT panel (Click on the icon SHAFT)
2 Visualization of the motor axial view to visualize the shaft topology with bearings
3 Shaft section to define the shaft parameters
4 When there is a shaft, the section of Bearing is unlocked
5 Choice of the shaft-Bearing type. Two types are available:
  • None: No dimensions to be declared. There is no bearing.
  • With bearings: Bearings’ characteristics must be defined - Structural data of bearings are then edited
6 Shaft-Bearing input data to be defined
7 Button to restore default input values
8 Button to Apply inputs. Pressing the enter key twice applies inputs too.
9 Icon to export shaft data into *.txt or *.xlsx files.
Important: When “None” is selected, access to Internal cooling environment is locked.

2. Shaft-Bearing type and characteristics

Two types of shaft can be selected:

  • None: There is no bearing in the rotor design = No dimension to declare.
  • With bearings: Shaft-Bearings are represented and considered in the rotor design.

Shaft-Bearing type: None Shaft-Bearing type: With bearings

Dimensions are illustrated with arrows Connection side (C.S.) is identified by yellow lightning.

3. Shaft-Bearing input parameters

Label Tooltip, note, formula
C.S. length Connection side bearing length.
C.S. width Connection side bearing width.
C.S. shift Connection side bearing shift.
O.C.S. length Opposite Connection side bearing length.
O.C.S. width Opposite Connection side bearing width.
O.C.S. shift Opposite Connection side bearing shift.

Solenoid shape cooling circuit – With rectangular tubes - Inputs
1 Bearing length
2 Bearing width
3 Bearing shift