Template Recombinations

Templates created with the indoor Lego template feature can be recombined and re-edited if the database is not closed. As soon as the program ends or the database is closed by the File menu, the template information is lost because they are not saved with the database.

A template recombination is done in a similar manner compared to the custom template creation. If one single wall or a couple of walls is selected which belongs to a template, the wall context menu enables two further options: Recombine Template and Recombine and Copy Template. Note that these options are only available if each marked wall is a part of the template the first marked wall belongs to.

The Recombine Template option searches for all walls belonging to the selected template and creates a custom template from these walls. The source walls are deleted. This is the difference between the Recombine Template option and the Recombine and Copy Template option. The latter does not delete the source walls but creates a copy as a custom template.

After the recombination of the template, the Drag Mode is activated. Be aware that in the Recombine Template case the source template walls will be displayed until the recombined template is re-inserted or the editing process is cancelled with the Esc button.