Stairs and Staircase

The Indoor Lego stairs template creates a user adjustable number of steps which comprise a flight of stairs. Leaving the dialog with the OK button will create the stairs template and switch to the Drag Mode.

Figure 1. The Settings for stairs dialog.

The staircase template describes a whole set of stairs building up a staircase. The stairs parameters can be set using the left side of the staircase properties dialog. For the staircase itself, some additional parameters are necessary. These parameters can be found on the right side of the properties dialog. There is also an option for the creation of staircase surrounding walls. By default, no surrounding walls are created.

Figure 2. The Settings for staircase dialog.

If the dialog is left by pressing the OK button, the staircase template creation process will start.
Note: This process possibly takes a little time because of the number of walls to be created
After the template creation, the drag mode is activated.