The 3D Template Tool

The 3D Template Tool creates templates from existing database elements selected by rubber-banding a certain area in a 2D view and specifying 3rd coordinate information. After the activation of the tool by the toolbar symbol , a rubber band selection can be done by clicking and holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse. A rectangular box will appear which surrounds the selected area. When the left mouse button is released, a dialog will be shown in which the 3rd coordinate settings can be altered. The dialog also provides information about the current view name and the coordinates of the selected view frame.

Figure 1. The 3D Selection Properties dialog.

The 3rd coordinate range can be altered in this dialog using the predefined settings From Current Plane To Database Maximum Coordinate or From Current Plane To Database Minimum Coordinate. These selections will calculate the database maximum 3rd coordinate or the database minimum 3rd coordinate, respectively. The calculated coordinate values are entered in the corresponding edit fields underneath the settings From Current Plane In Both Directions and Custom Coordinates. Choosing one of the latter enables the edit fields and custom values can be inserted.

When the 3rd coordinate selection is done and the dialog is left using the OK button, WallMan will check all database walls whether they are positioned inside the selection box or not. Walls lying completely inside the selection will be copied to a new Custom Template. Walls which show intersections with the 3D selection cuboid will be copied and afterwards cut at the cutting edges. These cut walls will be inserted into the Custom Template mentioned above. This feature, for instance, can be used to copy one single room including floor and roof walls from an existing database even if the floor or roof plane covers more than the selected room itself. Another example of using this tool is the reproduction of whole building parts.

It is important to be aware that the Create 3D Template Tool might cut off parts of the wall objects that are copied if the area to be copied is not precisely selected.