Default Shortcut Keys

View the default shortcut keys available for WallMan for faster and easier operation.

Keyboard shortcut keys help you to save time accessing actions that you perform regularly.
Shortcut Key Description
Ctrl+N New database
Ctrl+T New project
Ctrl+O Open database
CTrl+R Open project
Ctrl+S Save database
Ctrl+J Save project
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+Shift+V Paste at original coordinate
Del Delete
Ctrl+A Select all objects
Shift+F10 Scale all objects
Shift+F9 Renumber all objects
Ctrl+Shift+S Simplify database
Ctrl+K Check database
Ctrl+Shift+M Materials
Ctrl+Shift+F Floors
Shift+F7 Default values
F10 Select single object (mouse)
Ctrl+F Select single object (number)
F6 Select multiple objects (area)
Alt+F10 Select multiple objects (material)
Ctrl+A Select all objects
Shift+F6 Edit properties
Shift+F8 Edit material properties
Alt+M Move selected objects
F7 Enter polygonal object
F8 Enter rectangular
F9 Enter orthogonal object
Alt+F7 Enter virtual buildings
Alt+F9 Enter courtyards or towers
Alt+F6 Import indoor database
Shift+F1 X-Y plane
Shift+F2 X-Z plane
Shift+F3 Y-Z plane
Shift+F4 3D view
Alt+Shift+Z Zoom in
Alt+Z Zoom out
F11 Zoom window
Ctrl+F11 Zoom factor
F12 Mouse pan and zoom
Ctrl+F12 Fit to screen
Alt+R Update display (redraw)
Ctrl+F10 Goto position
Ctrl+G Grid
Ctrl+Shift+C Colorize materials
F3 Edit preprocessing parameters
Alt+D Draw rectangular pre-processing area
Alt+Shift+D Draw polygonal pre-processing area
Alt+A Show pre-processing areas
F5 Compute pre-processing project
Ctrl+F5 Compute current project
F1 Open the WinProp User Guide.
At+F1 About WallMan