Indoor LEGO Tool

The WallMan Indoor Lego Feature, the supplementary Mouse Meter and the 3D Selection and Copy tools provide a couple of easy to use functions for indoor database creation. The main idea is the generation of basic wall combinations (the so-called templates) describing typical database elements such as rectangular rooms, staircases and roofs. The user-friendly graphical interface offers dialog based entry of fundamental template parameters (dimensions), post-creation editing possibilities (moving, scaling, rotating), the definition of any combination of database walls as a template, recombination possibilities for known templates and a program toolbar for fast selection of the tool to be used.

The Mouse Meter tool simplifies the adaptation of newly created template objects to existing database objects by the indication of distance information. The measured distances can be used as a base for the dimension dialog entries.

The 3D Selection and Copy tool enables database creators to construct templates from existing database objects by the specification of a rectangular area and 3rd coordinate information. Using this tool, whole building parts can be copied and processed as templates like mentioned above.