Motley-Keenan Model (MK)

The model, according to Motley and Keenan, computes the path loss based on the direct ray between transmitter and receiver.

In contrary to the modified free space model this model considers the exact locations of the walls, floors and ceilings of the building taken into account. Additional factors for absorption of the direct ray path by walls consider these shadowing effects.

Click Project > Edit Project Parameter and click the Computation tab.

Figure 1. Principle of the Motley-Keenan Model.

l M K =   l F S + l c + k w l w

The parameter kw describes the number of walls intersected by the direct path between transmitter and receiver. An uniform transmission (penetration) loss lw for all walls is used for the computation (the material properties of the individual walls are not considered). This uniform transmission loss can be specified by using the Settings button.

Figure 2. Propagation result in 3D view of ProMan.

Figure 3. Parameters of the Motley-Keenan model.