Specifying the Traffic in the Network

Specify the cell load settings that will be used for interference calculations.

  1. Click the Traffic tab.
  2. Under Consideration of Traffic and Load in Network, select Cell load defined by user (no location dependent traffic).
    If the traffic is defined as independent of the location, a traffic map is not required because it is assumed that the traffic is homogeneously distributed over the complete prediction area.
  3. Under Definition of Cell Load and Noise Rise, in the Assumed mean Tx power in downlink for each transmitter/cell field, enter a value of 100%.
    • A mean Tx power of 100% represents the worst case for interference, where every transmitter operates at full power.
    • Parameters can also be set per site.
Figure 1. The Edit Project Parameters dialog - Traffic tab.

Note: Keep the dialog open to define additional project parameters.