Topics Discussed in Example

Before starting this example, check if the topics discussed in this example are relevant to the intended application and experience level.

The topics discussed in this example are:
  • ProMan
    • Launch ProMan.
    • Specify a predefined air interface file (.wst)1.
    • Specify the antenna sites, powers, and carriers of the three base stations.
    • Specify the simulation parameters.
    • Specify the computation method.
    • Save the project.
    • Launch the Solver (propagation simulation).
    • Launch the Solver (network simulation).
    • View the prediction results (for example, Signal-to-Noise and Interference Ratio (SNIR))
Note: Follow the example steps in the order they are presented as each step uses its predecessor as a starting point.
Tip: Find the completed model in the Altair installation directory, for example:


1 Available for most of the common wireless technologies.