Viewing the Differences in Prediction Results

Display the difference between the two sets of prediction results obtained using the multi-wall model (COST 231) and the 3D ray tracing (SRT) model.

View the power results for the Wi-Fi router using the 3D ray tracing (SRT) model.
  1. Subtract the data using one of the following workflows:
    • On the Edit menu, click Subtract Data > Value (File, linear).
    • Press Alt+4 to use the keyboard shortcut.
  2. Browse to the folder that contains the multi-wall model (COST 231) results as specified in Step 2.
  3. Select the Site 1 Ant 1 Power.fpp file and click Open.
    Figure 1. Difference between the predicted received power using the multi-wall model (COST 231) and 3D ray tracing (SRT) model.

    Note: Main difference between models are visible in the deep shadows (indicated by the red areas). Contributions through diffraction are significant.
The multi-wall model (COST 231) is too pessimistic in its prediction, but the 3D ray tracing (SRT) model is reliable.