Electromagnetic Modeling and Co-Simulation with Flux

Learn about modeling and co-simulation with Flux electromagnetic simulation software.

Starting with Flux release 12.2, the exporting of Twin Activate coupling components (with the extension .F2STA) is possible from Flux models:

Begin your Flux session in the Advanced Mode. From the Solving menu, select Generate component for Activate coupling.

Adding the Flux Block for Co-Simulation

  1. From the Palette Browser, select Activate > CoSimulation > Flux.
  2. Drag the Flux block into your model.
    • The Flux block takes the .F2STA file as the main argument.
    • Numbers of inputs and outputs are read automatically in the Flux file.

Setting Preferences for Co-Simulation

  1. Select File > Preferences button.
  2. From the Preferences dialog that appears, for Category, under Activate, select Paths.
  3. Enter the Flux installation path, for example, C:\Program Files\Altair\2018\flux\Flux, and click Apply.
    Note: The co-simulation technology between Flux and Twin Activate relies on Windows services and requires that the Flux API be installed. To install the API, ensure that you have Administrative privileges and launch the command Active_Distributed_Computation_and_API.exe from the location that Flux is installed on your system.

    This step is required only for versions of Twin Activate 2019 and prior.

    Note: Co-simulation between Twin Activate and Flux on Linux platforms is supported with Flux release 2020 or higher.