SS-V: 6020 Simply Supported Thin Square Plate - Transient Forced Vibration Response

Test No. VD03 View transient response of a simply supported square plate subjected to uniform forced vibration.


A simply supported thin square plate 10 x 10 x 0.05 m is subject to suddenly applied uniform pressure P=100 Pa which remains constant in time. Find peak dynamics response of the plate.

Sixteen (16) modes are used to approximate dynamics solution and 2% modal damping is assumed in all modes.

The material properties are:
Modulus of Elasticity
2.e+11 Pa
Poisson's Ratio
8.e+3 kg/m3


The plate is simulated as a 3D solid body. Spot-lines were created at the mid-plane of the plate in order to apply hinge supports (Figure 1).
Figure 1.

The following table contains values at peak.
Peak Time, sec Deflection Y, mm Surface Stress, MPa
0.213 -3.46 2.311 SimSolid, solid model
0.210 -3.52 2.41 Reference, thin plate model

Figure 2. Transient Response Evolution in the Plate Center
1 Test 13T from NAFEMS Publication R0016, “Selected Benchmarks for Forced Vibration” J. Maguire, D.J. Dawswell, L. Gould