STL Model Vizualization

SimSolid allows for the visualization of raw STL data exported from a CAD system.

You can view the STL data before any STL model is imported into the application, or at any time during the simulation session.


You can use the STL Model vizualization for the following:
  • Vizualize the tessellation coarsness and imperfections using the faceted light reflection.

    Raw STL model consists of topologically disconnected flat triangles (facets) which tessellate surfaces of solids. Normal directions to the facets of raw STL model are not averaged, and light reflection on the model is faceted.

  • Find problems with the input geometry.

    Sometimes STL output from a CAD system can be of very low quality, or even corrupted, which does not allow for correct solids identification. The dialog helps to find the problems with the input geometry.

  • Vizualize and remove non-solid objects from STL data storage.

    Some of the tessellated geometry objects of a CAD model can be surfaces, not solids. The application ignores non-solid objects and does not include them into the geometry model when saving EXG files.