Access Models in Onshape

Directly access models from the cloud-based CAD system Onshape.

  1. Authorize your Onshape account.
    1. Click the (Import from PDM system) button on the main window toolbar.
    2. Pick the Onshape tab and click (Settings).
    3. Click the Authorize in Default Browser button.
    4. Login to your Onshape account and select the Authorize button. Then copy and paste the credentials back into the SimSolid Onshape Settings dialog.
      You should now see a list of your Onshape documents. A search box at the top of the form and a category pull-down menu are there to further refine the list. Initially, Onshape Default Workspaces are selected. You can change this by right-clicking on any document name and selecting an option in the context menu.
      Tip: If the list does not appear or there are documents missing, click the Refresh button to ensure the dialog is up-to-date.
  2. Select a document.
    The bottom pane will fill with all associated Part and Assembly studio tabs.
  3. Optional: Drag the separator bar to resize the view as desired.
  4. Load a part or assembly studio in one of the following ways:
    • Select a part or assembly studio then press the Open.
    • Double click on the desired part or assembly.
    Note: For documents that contain Onshape configurations, you can select a specific configuration by right-clicking on an element and choosing an option in the context menu.
  5. Optional: If necessary, edit faceting parameters to control tesselation by doing one of the following:
    • In the Resolution menu from geometry import settings, choose, Standard, Enhanced, or Fine. The values will automatically populate the Angular deviation and Chordal deviation fields.
    • In the Resolution menu, choose Custom. Then, enter the desired values in the Angular deviation and Chordal deviation fields.
    Note: As a best practice, start with Standard and refine only as required to capture geometry curvature. Setting these values smaller will increase the analysis solution time.