Import SN Curve from CSV

Import SN curve from an external CSV file using the Curve definition method and Input points option.

  1. In the Settings menu, click Material Database.
  2. In the dialog, select a material and click Edit material or create a new material.
  3. Under fatigue properties, select Add stress-life (SN) curve.
  4. For Curve definition method, select Input points option.
    Stress-life curve plotter is displayed.
  5. Click Import CSV.
  6. In the File explorer, select the desired .csv and click Open.
Figure 1.

CSV File Format

CSV Fields

The format of the file has a header row "cycle, stress" and corresponding row of values.

cycle, stress

Example File

cycle, stress
1, 867
10, 712
100, 600
1000, 500
10000, 413
100000, 354
1000000, 291.08
10000000, 291.07
1E+08, 291.06
1E+09, 291.05