Find Welds Between Selected Parts

Find welds for all edges found between all selected parts.

  1. On the Connections workbench toolbar, click (Create seam weld).
  2. In the dialog, define the Section size (the length measured from the toe to the root of the weld).
  3. Define the Minimum length.
    Note: Any geometric edges found that are less than the minimum weld length will not receive a weld.
  4. Optional: Activate the Intermittent weld checkbox to specify intermittent welds.
    Note: Two parameters, weld pitch and weld segment length, are required for intermittent welds. the pitch must be greater than the segment length.
    Figure 1.

  5. Click the Group weld tab in the Create seam welds dialog.
  6. Select parts using one of the following methods:
    • Activate the Select parts radio button, then click parts in the modeling window or the Project tree to populate the Parts to weld list.
    • Activate the Find parts by keyword radio button, then enter a string of characters into the text field. Click Find parts. The Parts to weld list populates with any part containing the filter string in its name.
  7. Click the Find welds button.
    All welds found will be shown in the Welds found list. Each weld you select will be highlighted on the model.
  8. Optional: Use the Delete button to remove unwanted welds from the Welds found list.
  9. Click OK.