Find Connections Between Primary and Neighbor Parts

Find connections between a target primary part and one or more secondary part(s).

  1. In the Connections workbench toolbar, click (Add/Edit part connections).
  2. In the dialog, click the Primary connect tab.
  3. Select primary and secondary parts.
    1. Verify the Primary part radio button is selected.
    2. Click on a part in the modeling window to select a primary part.
    3. Activate the Secondary part(s) of primary part radio button.
    4. Click on parts in the modeling window to choose the secondary part(s).
  4. Specify gap and penetration tolerances.
    Tip: Set the tolerances just large enough to cover the intended gap or overlap. Do not set values too large as this will over-stiffen the model.
  5. Choose the connection Resolution level.
    Tip: Try to use the Normal resolution level whenever possible. Only use Increased or High resolution levels when the contact area is small in relation to the overall size of the connecting parts.
  6. Optional: Select the Connect not welded parts only check box.
    This limits the connection search to only parts that have not been previously welded together.
  7. Optional: Select the Create local connections at bolts check box to adjust how local connections are made for bolts.
  8. Optional: Select the Split connections by faces check box to create a separate connection for every individual face.
  9. Click Find connections.
    Connections are detected between the primary part and each neighbor part. Connections among the Neighbor parts are not detected.
  10. Optional: Use the Delete button to remove unwanted connections from the Connections found list.
  11. Click OK.