Symbol Management

Use the Symbol Management menu to manage symbol data imported from the ECAD library.

The symbol data is used to generate UPF library when registering parts in UPMS.

  1. Search data symbols.
    1. Use the search all function to search parts with some of the information in part properties as a keyword.
      • TEST* (Search for strings starting with TEST)
      • *TEST* (Search for strings containing TEST)
      • *TEST (Search string ending with TEST)
    2. Use the advanced search function to conduct a detail search by the value of each property.
      Note: Detailed search finds parts that satisfy all entry values entered with the And condition.
  2. Create a new symbol data.

    Figure 1.
    1. Click Edit and select New.
      The New(Symbol) dialog opens.
    2. In the New(Symbol) dialog, specify a new symbol name in the library name field.
    3. For Schematic, specify the ECAD tool for the schematic symbol.
    4. For Library Path, specify the library where the symbol data belongs.
    5. Click Add to add a symbol library.
  3. Click Edit and select Delete to delete the selected symbol library.
  4. Generate UPF geometry.
    1. Select a symbol library, click Edit, and select Generate UPF geometry.
    The generated library geometry images are displayed in the Part search > Library information tab.

    Figure 2.
  5. Click Change History to display the history of creation and change of the library.