Edit Part Library

Change parts information.

This option is available for library administrators who need to urgently change parts information without approval.

Parts registered in UPMS are displayed in the class tree.

  1. Search parts.

    Figure 1.
    1. Use the search all function to search parts with some of the information in part properties as a keyword.
      • TEST* (Search for strings starting with TEST)
      • *TEST* (Search for strings containing TEST)
      • *TEST (Search string ending with TEST)
    2. Use the advanced search function to conduct a detail search by the value of each property.
      Note: Detailed search finds parts that satisfy all entry values entered with the And condition.
  2. Edit part library.
    1. Click a CPN to display the part detail information.

      Figure 2.
    2. Click Change to edit part information.

      Figure 3.
      When the part information is edited on this page, it is changed without an approval.
  3. Edit Part Library supports two user convenience functions.

    Figure 4.
  4. Update the UPE Library Information.

    Figure 5.
    This function displays the availability of 3D Package generation based on the UPE Library stored through the PollEx UPE Interface. The 3D Package information is a mandatory check item before transitioning from the design phase to the production phase. By checking this information in the design phase, potential issues such as component placement coordinates and angle misalignment can be prevented in production.
  5. You can generate UPF Thumbnail image.

    Figure 6.
    This function generates Thumbnail Files based on the UPE Library stored through the PollEx UPE Interface. In UDE, Symbol, Footprint, and Package shape images are displayed in the Part Detail Library Information. Due to the nature of the system, there are cases where the Librarian needs to edit the UPE Library (Symbol, Footprint, Package) after completing the component registration. The PollEx UPE Tool does not have a separate function to save shape images. Hence, UDE updates the images in bulk through the Interface.