UDMS is a unified design management system through check in/out functions for schematics and PCB designs.

Combining the designs using system, users can efficiently manage design data than managing by each person and helps prevent the problems that occurred due to the individual data management by each developer. In UDMS, PCB design files can be managed in a design project.

UDMS features:
  • Create Design Project: Create a new design project.
  • Design Project Change: Change the information of the requested design project.
  • Search Design Project: Design project search module.
  • Check-Out Error List: List of design projects with errors during check out.
  • Searching the request of design project: Search module for approval request for design project.
  • List of running verification: Verification process monitoring module (Verification in UDMS is processed between the verification server and the system. User can check the progress of the verification in this module.)

Figure 1.