Net Group Type Setup

Certain types of nets or routing patterns can be grouped to be checked for the same rule. Create different net groups to check against different rules.

Net Group Setup

Create and manage net groups.

Circuit Group Type section generates circuit in the similar method as Net Group Type setup.

Figure 1.
  1. To add a new net group, enter a desired group number, and then click Add Groups.
  2. Right-click under Filter to define the net selection method from the context menu:

    Figure 2.
    • To select nets using key word and string filter types (Prefix, Mid-String and Suffix), click Set Net Group Contents.

      Figure 3.
      1. After entering a key word and choosing a string filter type, click ADD String to make the program to select net names which contain the that filter string. Various type of filtering combination options helps user to make accurate filtering.
      2. Add And Combination: Add this string to selected string with and combination.
      3. Click OK to create the group.
    • To select nets from a graphic display, click Direct Net Select....
      1. Select a net on the current working schematic.
      2. Click OK to create the group.
    • To select and search for nets from a list, click Select Net List....

      Figure 4.
      1. Select nets in the Select Nets From list dialog, and then click Add to List.
      2. Enter net names in the Search to highlight them, select, and then Add to List.
      3. Click Done to create the group.
  3. Optional: Delete Selected Net Group Item: Unnecessary net groups may be removed by choosing a Delete Selected Net Group Item option.

Net Group Setup using Excel

Import an Excel file to load net groups.

  1. Click Import Excel to open a new dialog and select excel file.
  2. Click Open. The net group list is filled automatically.