STEP Information

Display and edit the STEP file information used for the package body and pins.

  1. STEP File: Display the STEP file name which is imported.
  2. Keep origin of STEP File: If selected, the origin coordinate of STEP file is applied.
  3. Pin Pitch: Display the package pin pitch.
  4. Import / Remove: Import or remove a STEP file.
  5. Define Object: Define the body and pins in STEP shape.
    1. Defined Object: Display the defined object such as pins or body.
    2. Sub Object: Display the objects belonging to the selected object.
  6. Shape Control Functions: Define the body and pin shape.
    1. Z Height: Define the mount height of the object.
    2. Separate with Mount Height: Detach the objects below mount height for the object.
    3. Assign to New Shape Type from Selected Surface: Assign selected object as a new shape type.
    4. Automatic pin setting with footprint: Define lead shape type automatically refer footprint shape.
    5. Reset Step Body: Ignore all changed, reset to the imported STEP file.
    6. Auto Pin Search: Ignore all changed, reset to imported STEP file.
    7. Edit: Edit define type and color of selected object.
    8. Solid/Wireframe: Change 3D display mode.
  7. 3D View: Display the STEP file in 3D view.