Logic Symbol

Define the logic symbol information and edit the logic symbol shape.

  1. Click Logic Symbol tab to change to logic symbol edit mode.
  2. Generate Logic Symbols Automatically: Generate logic symbols automatically depending on the product family referring the logic symbol configuration table.
    If there are multiple usage code in the product family, you can select the usage code needed (multiple selection is available). Only the symbol which uses the selected usage code is generated.
  3. Logic Symbol List: Display the logic symbol list of the part.
    1. Edit Usage Keys: Edit the usage keys of the logic symbol.
  4. Click Add to add a new logic symbol.
    1. Logic Symbol Name: Define a new logic symbol name.
    2. Usage Keys: Define the usage key of the logic symbol.
    3. Partitions: Display and edit the partitions of the logic symbol.
      • Partition Automatically: Referring the pin name, make a partition of the logic symbol automatically.
      • Add Partition: Add a new partition to the logic symbol.
      • Remove Partition: Remove the selected partition.
      • Generate Logic Symbol: Generate logic symbol using the Logic Generation Wizard.
  5. Partition List: Display the partition list of the logic symbol.
  6. Edit Logic Symbol: Edit current logic symbol.
    The logic symbol editor is similar to the functional editor.

    Figure 1.
  7. Regenerate Logic Symbol: Regenerate the logic symbol using Logic Generation Wizard.