In Footprint tab, you can define the footprint information and edit the footprint shape.

  1. Click Footprint tab to change to footprint edit mode.
  2. Generate Footprints Automatically: Generate a footprint automatically depending on the package type referring the footprint configuration table.
    If there are multiple usage codes in the package, user can select the usage code needed (multiple selection is available). Only the footprint which uses the selected usage code is generated.
  3. Footprint List: Display the footprints list of the package.
  4. Click Add to add a new footprint.
    1. Footprint Name: Define a new footprint name.
    2. Footprint Usage Keys: Display and edit the footprint usage keys.
      • Add: Add a new footprint usage key.
      • Remove: Remove the selected footprint usage key.
  5. Generate Footprint: Generate a footprint with footprint generation wizard. Refer to Footprint Configuration Table Editor.
    1. Define the pad size of the footprint and click Next.
    2. Define the CAM layer objects and click Next.
    3. Layer display: You can check / uncheck the layers to display and change the display order using Up and Down buttons.
    4. Click Finish.
  6. Remove: Remove the selected footprint.
  7. Copy: Copy the selected footprint to a new footprint.
  8. Edit Usage Keys: Display and edit the footprint usage keys.
  9. Pin Pads: Display and edit the pin pads. Refer to Edit Pin Pads.
  10. Thermal Pads: Display and edit the thermal pads.
    This can also be accessed via Properties > Thermal Pads.
  11. Edit Footprint: Invoke the manual footprint editor.