Package Geometry

Edit the shape of the package pin and body.

  1. Package Name: Display the package name.
  2. Package Type: Display the package type.
  3. Pin Pitch: Display the package pin pitch.
  4. Click Edit Package Pins to edit the shape of the package pins.

    Figure 1.
    1. Selection: Select the package pin.
    2. Pin No: Display the pin number.
    3. Pin Name: Display and edit the pin name.
    4. X, Y: Display the X, Y coordinate of the pin.
    5. Width: Display the width of the pin.
    6. Length: Display the length of the pin.
    7. Rotation: Display the placed angle of the pin.
    8. Lead Type: Display the shape type of the pin.
    9. Edit Lead: Edit the package pin shape.
  5. Click Edit Lead to edit the package lead.

    Figure 2.
    1. Lead Type: Select the package pin lead type.
    2. L (Lead Length): Define the pin lead length.
    3. W (Lead Width): Define the pin lead width.
    4. Thickness: Define the pin lead thickness.
    5. Apply to selected Pin: Apply current shape to the selected pins.
    6. Apply to all Pins: Apply current shape to all pins.