Device Model Files

Define device model files for signal integrity analysis.

  1. Define device model files for signal integrity analysis.
    1. Click Properties > Device Model Files.
    2. Add: Add a device model file.
      • Model Type: Select the type of device model file. IBIS, SPICE, Linear Device, S-Parameter, Package Parasitic, Y-Parameter and Z-Parameter are available.
      • Manual Pin Mapping: Select this option to map the pins between electrical pins of the part and pins in device model file.
    3. Edit: Edit selected device model file.
    4. Remove: Remove selected model file.
    5. Display: Show selected model file.
      • Click Display to display the Main Information of the device model. The IBIS Manager dialog opens.

        Figure 1.
      • Click Component tab to display the Component Information of the device model.

        Figure 2.
      • Click Model tab to display the Model Information of the device model.

        Figure 3.
    6. I/O Buffer Model Spec: Show the input and output buffer model specification of the selected model file.
      This function is available for SPICE model file only.
  2. Define package thermal properties for package thermal analysis.
    1. Click Properties > Package Thermal.
      • Max power dissipation (W): Specify the maximum power dissipation in wattage value.
      • Max operating temperature (C): Specify the maximum operating temperature in Celsius degree.
      • Radiation emissivity: Specify the radiation emissivity value.
      • Package Geometry: Display the size of the package geometry.
      • Compact Thermal Model: Define the thermal model type and data.
      Two-resistor and DELPHI models are available.

      Figure 4. Two-Resistor Type Model

      Figure 5. DELPHI Type Model