Package Class

Add and edit package class properties.

  1. Package Classes: Display information of package classes.

    Figure 1.
    1. Class: Display package class.
    2. Measure Base (DFM): Display measure base of package class for PollEx DFM.
    3. Description: Display description of package class.
    4. Place Boundary from Pad (mm): Placement boundary distance from pad.
      This is used for component clearance.
    5. Place Boundary from Body (mm): Placement boundary distance from body.
    6. Add: Add package class.

      Figure 2.
      • Class: Specify a new package class name.
      • Measure Base (DFM): Select measure base type for PollEx DFM. Select one of Component Outline Base, Silk Base, Silk + Pad Base, Pad Base or Component Outline + Pad.
      • Description: Specify description of package class.
      • Place Boundary from Pad (mm): Specify placement boundary distance from pad.
      • Place Boundary from Body (mm): Specify placement boundary distance from body.
    7. Remove: Remove selected package class.
  2. Class-to-Class Clearance: Add and edit clearances between class and class.
    1. Package Class 1: Select first comparison target.
    2. Package Class 2: Select second comparison target.
    3. Pad-to-Pad Clearance (mm): Specify clearance between pads of each package class.
    4. Pad-to-Body Clearance (mm): Specify clearance between pad and body of each package class.
    5. Body-to-Body Clearance (mm): Specify clearance between body of each package class.
  3. OK: Save and close.
  4. Cancel: Discard input and close.