Comp Thermal Condition

At this menu, you can define different analysis conditions for references on PCB design. Each line contains a component’s parameters.

Figure 1.

ID: References’ index ID.

Component: Identifier on PCB design (Reference Name).

Max Power (W): Maximum power assign in UPF library (Not editable value).

Analysis Power Level (%): You can change this value depending on the components’ power usages. Default is 80% of assigned power at UPF file in part library.

Convection HTC (W/m^2.K): At component’s top side, if there is special conduction condition, specify the component top side convection heat transfer coefficient.

Glue Area (%): At component’s top side, if there is glued structure, define them with ration regarding to component top side area.

Thermal Via: If there are used thermal via under component bottom side, check Yes.

Heatsink Type: Choose the component heat-sink type among Convection, Conduction-to-Outside and Conduction-to-Board. Depending on the choice of this value, following columns’ values may change their meanings.
Heatsink Type Property A* Property B*
Convection Surface Area increased by Heat-sink (%) NA
Conduction-to-Outside Thermal Resistance (K/W) Outer Medium Temperature (C)
Conduction-to-Board Thermal Resistance (K/W) NA
  • Property A*: refer to above description.
  • Property B**: refer to above description.