Net Topology Analysis

Net topology analysis is used to construct or view the detailed physical topology of nets schematically and run signal integrity analysis on the interconnect network model.

At a pre-route stage, it can be effectively used for playing with various topology options to find routing constraints for critical nets.

By using Net Topology Analyzer, PCB designer or SI engineer can draw optimized signaling topology for the specific or critical nets which operate with very small signal or at very high speed. Routing topology and termination method should be carefully decided for the analog and high-speed digital signal like as clock to guarantee the proper transmission of the signals. Depending on the number of loading ICs and routing length, using termination couldn’t avoidable. Driver’s AC/DC characteristics also one of key factor affects the signaling quality for the PCB system then all what if SI analysis should consider this.

When you select the menu Analysis > Net Topology Analysis Net Topology Analyzer dialog will display.