PI Analysis

Learn how to do versitile PI Analysis for the PCB system in Pre-route or Post-route stages.

In PCB, the power line generally refers to a power network that connects the power source (VRM) and the load components. The characteristics of these power trace configurations can be determined by the power delivery network (PDN) of the PCB. PDN operates like a passive component such as a coil or capacitor, depending on its physical properties. Resonance occurs due to these passive components, and the current flowing through the resonance structure causes signal distortion and EMI problems. Therefore, precise analysis of PDN Impedance is very important in the design phase.

IR drop refers to a voltage drop that appears at the resistance component of power network. IR drop is the electrical potential difference between power source and load component during a current flow.

Therefore, in order for the component to work properly, it is necessary to check whether the amount of IR-Drop is within the limit value allowed by the component.

PollEx PI provides three types of analysis:
  • AC PDN Analysis
  • DC IR-Drop Analysis
  • Transient SSN Analysis