DC IR Drop Analysis

In the DC IR Drop Analysis dialog, select the Power Net and click Run Analysis.

Figure 1.
After the simulation is complete, the DC IR Drop Analysis Result Display window opens. You can change the view type to Voltage, Current Density, and Heat Density.
  • Note : DC IR Drop value is possible to obtain a negative (-) voltage drop value but this usually indicates an error in the simulation setup or the circuit being simulated.

    If a negative value is obtained for DC IR drop, it could be caused by a mistake in the simulation setup, such as an incorrect placement of voltage sources or ground connections, or an incorrect sign of the resistance values. It could also be caused by a problem in the circuit being simulated, such as an unintended feedback loop that is boosting the voltage.

    For example, the voltage source is fixed as 0.8V and the user set the operation current as 30A supplying the specific IC chip. In this case, these electrical design is possible to get error and the negative (-) value of voltage drop can be shown in the result display DC IR Drop analysis.

Figure 2. Voltage View

Figure 3. Current Density View

Figure 4. Heat Density View