AC PDN Analysis

  1. In the AC PDN Analysis dialog, select the Decap cases and click Run Analysis.

    Figure 1.
  2. Display SYZ Parameter: Display SYZ parameter of selected test case.
    Figure 2.
    Figure 3.
    Each of the items in Network Parameter Viewer dialog are described as:
    1. Region to select desired parameter among S, Y and Z.
    2. Select the type to be displayed.
    3. Toggle on and off the waveform. FB114_1::FB114_1 shows the reflection loss at the start ports of power net.
    4. Check and display the target impedance graph setting on power rail in Parts.
    5. Frequency scale: Select Linear or Log.
    6. Value scale: Select Linear or Log.
    7. Click Result Data to display the parameters in table format. You can extract SYZ parameter in touchstone format.
  3. Show report: Display AC PDN Analysis Report of selected test case.

    Figure 4.