Use the Picking tool to check the properties of certain objects on the board.

From the menu bar, click Setting > Picking. The Picking Tool dialog opens.

After launching picking tool, the Picking Tool dialog opens on the right-side on the screen. Upon selecting object, selected objects properties or information will be shown on tab window. Especially, at tab window, PollEx PCB shows board’s hierarchical structure for selected objects. At window tab, all related object’s properties will be shown. Followings are each tab’s name and usages.
  • Picked object on screen.
  • Filter: Filter for selecting target objects.
  • Selection either All or Segment for routing net.
  • Neighborhood Object: Select object in given area for routing net or component.
  • Picking Layer: Select layers which users want to select. Default is all layers.
  • Selected object listing window.
  • Property tab to show selected objects’ properties.