In PollEx PCB, there are two types of layers: artwork and physical layer.

Physical layer means the physical stack-up layer whereas artwork layer means layer used in ECAD tools. Especially, PollEx PCB has another order of artwork layer. It means artwork layers in PDB have specific purpose depending on index of layers. Following table show the layer’s usages in PollEx PCB.

Detail descriptions are as follows:
Layer Number Usage Comment
1 Top  
2 Top Pad For component's top
3 Top Solder Resist
4 Top Silk
5 Top Silk Text
6 Top Metal Mask
7~10 Top reserved
11 Bottom  
12 Bottom Pad For component's bottom
13 Bottom Solder Resist
14 Bottom Silk
15 Bottom Silk Text
16 Bottom Metal Mask
17~20 Bottom reserved
21 Board Contour Layer  
22 Drill Layer  
23~80 Board Figure Geometries  
81~200 Inner Layer  
201 Top Component Outline For component's top
201~220 Bottom reserved
221~400 Gerber Layer  
401~450 Top reserved For Component's top
451~500 Bottom reserved For Component's bottom
551~ Board Figure Geometries  

To control or set the layer status, click Setting > Layer from the menu bar. Shortcut key: Alt + L. The Layer dialog opens.

Figure 1.
  • Artwork Layer: Select this button to show layer orders with artwork layers.
  • Physical Layer: Select this button to show layer orders with physical layers.
  • Each column’s abbreviation means properties of layers.
    • V: Make visible On/Off for layer.
    • T: Make transparent layer status.
    • A: PollEx PCB’s artwork layer number.
    • DP: Display Priority for showing layer. Lower number layer will be displayed at top.
    • Name: Layer name.
    • With layer control window, user can do work for selecting layer, making layer status visible/invisible.
    • E: ECAD artwork layer number.
    • P: Physical layer number.
    • Type: Physical layers’ type.
    • Attr: Layer attributes. Values will be one of positive or negative.
  • At layer type selection, select one between artwork and physical layer.
  • Among layer list, select one of layers.
  • Launch Layer window for detail set-up for layer status.
  • Visual Layer Composition: You can layer pairs to be displayed at same time.
    • Select the layers to be included in a specific layer composition in the Artwork Layer List.
    • Click Add to List to enter the name of the layer composition.
    • Click OK to create a new layer composition item and display it in the Visual Layer Composition window.
    • Click Edit to modify the layer composition.