Use the Measure tool to measure the size or dimension of objects.

From the menu bar, click Setting > Measure. The Basic Measure dialog opens.

Select measuring type and object to measure. Measuring results will be displayed at property window. Text displaying ratio on screen is set as 100%. However, you can change the text scale if the showing text size is small and you want to increase the size. Keep button maintain this ratio until the window is closed.

Upon using following proper function, you can easily check the size or distance between objects.

  • Point to Point: Measure the distance between two points.
  • Line, Arc: Measure line or arc’s segment length.
  • Route Length: Measure total net length.
  • Route Segment Length: Measure selected segment length in routing net.
  • Comp to Comp Dist.: Measure center to center for components.
  • Pad (Via) to Via (Pad): Measure pad(via) to another pad(via).
  • Object to Object: Measure object to object.