CAP Data Setting - Other

In the Component Arrangement Plan Setting dialog, the Other section contains the following sections.
  1. Property: Set whether to check the comment (Cmt) column in the reference list according to the criteria of the width, height, and component bound.

    Figure 1.
    Example 1: Check parts with size (width and height) over one.

    Figure 2.
    Example 2: Check parts with size (width and height) less than one.

    Figure 3.
  2. User Comp Data: Highlights and displays the part to the user-defined color that matches with the entered property information and the value.
    For example, If a part with a value of 0.1 uF is displayed in green, enter a value for the Title (case insensitive), 0.1 uF for the Comment, set the color in green, and click Apply.

    Figure 4.
  3. Component Group Color: Specify component group to the user-defined color through the information of the reference name and part name.
    In addition, part information and user-defined comments can be displayed.
    1. Select Type of Component Group: Select a type to define a component group.
    2. Component Group Content: Set the string filter for defining the component group. In Figure 5, parts with a reference name starting with C are in a component group. When you select the Select Type of Component Group as DB, you can use the pre-defined component DB file. For more information, see Appendix: Edit Component DB File.

      Figure 5.
  4. Property: Display the property information of the selected component group.
    1. Default Comment: Enter the title of the property information to display.
    2. Alternative Comment: To display the alternative component information, select the title of the property.
    3. Display Component List from User Selected Property: Create a list based on the property value and directly select whether to highlight the component.
    4. Visible Property in Component: Display the property value specified in the component area.
  5. Fill: Define the highlight color of the component.
  6. Display User Comment: Select whether to display the comment for the specified component group.