Result Review

Compare the difference between netlists.

From the menu bar of PCB, click Manufacture > Test-Point Location Generator > Result Review.

Result Review shows the netlist difference compared to PCB design and the MS Excel file that exported real test data from the JIG machine as set in the *.jrrs file. The input file should be *.csv format that can be read in MS Excel.

Figure 1.


Only the Exit menu is available here since the Result Review was opened from PollEx PCB.


Setting for Display

Use this tool to set the display parameters.
  • Show JIG Pin: Set the size and unit of JIG pin.
  • Do Not Display for Non-JIG: Exclude displaying the non-JIG pins.
  • Color: Display color settings of the JIG data per layer.

Setting for Result Data

Set the result data file with the *.jrrs extension for reading the Excel file.
Specify the name of the Excel file to be read and the row number of the header.
JIG Column
Specify the column number that describes the error type and the JIG pin definition in the Excel file.
User Column
Specify the column number that describes the comments that will display the information at the bottom of the screen when selecting a result.
RefPin Parser Option
Specify the separator to use when going through the process of distinguishing the part name and the pin name.
Save the settings as a *.jrrs file.
Load the pre-defined settings of the *.jrrs file.


Result Review

The Result Review displays the inspection JIG data on the screen. To activate this function, set the Setting for Result Data in the Setting menu. The result data can be extracted from the bare board tester with MS Excel format.

Click to select the Excel file.


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