Extract JIG Data

Create JIG data (Test Point) of routing nets by referring to the previously set values.

You can see the list of extracted JIG data in the dialog. When you click on the lists, the item is highlighted on the right side of window.

Extract JIG GUI

Display Jig Layer
Display the lists of the Net Name with number of pins and JIGs.
Displays the jig location coordinates.
Edit and Export MS Excel
Edit the JIG.
Export MS Excel
All the listed jig points are exported to an Excel file.

Edit JIG View GUI

  • JIG Data table: Displays the JIG lists of the selected net name.
  • Selected JIG Data table: Displays the selected JIG by manual. Click Add to add the JIG data.
  • Add: Add the JIGs that are not included in the JIG Data table. Add is activated when is enabled.
  • Delete: Delete the JIG data in the selected JIG data table.
  • Move to List: Move the JIG data in the selected JIG data table to the above JIG data. The JIG data you select is applied to the net name.