Distribution provides the visual display, where and how many extracted JIG data are in the PCB design.

From the menu bar of Test-Point Location Generator, click Tools > Distribution.

In the Distribution dialog, there are several parameters.
  • GRID: Specify the number of grids to display along to the X/Y axis.
  • RANGE: Specify the number of JIG data to display in each GRID. The range in the Result section is automatically determined based on the number in the specified range.
  • Layer Type: Select the target layer. Depending on the number of JIG data, a different color displays.
  • TOP: Check only the TOP layer.
  • BOTTOM: Check only the BOTTOM layer.
  • ALL: Check both the TOP and BOTTOM layers.
  • DELTA: Check the difference between the TOP and BOTTOM.
  • User Defined Area: Specify the region manually. PollEx 2022 User Guide Test-Point Location Generator p.17 Proprietary Information of Altair Engineering.
  • Result: Set the display color according to the number of JIG data for the divided regions.
  • Opacity: Set the result range color for the grid.

    Figure 1.