Extract JIG Data

This menu extracts the coordinates of the test points.


The Exit menu is only available here since the Extract JIG Data was opened from PollEx PCB.


This is an environment setting menu for extracting test points and comparing netlists.

Setting for Extraction

Define the various parameters to extract test points in the design data and to display options.

In the Setting menu, click Setting for Extraction.
  • Display Option
    • Defines the size of the decimal places used when extracting the coordinates of the test point and the size of the JIG data to display on the screen. Consider the unit when defining the size of the test point to display on the screen.
    • Display color can be defined on the top and bottom layers.
  • JIG Creation Option
    • Set the minimum clearance between the data to create a test point.
      Note: The remaining options except the JIG Clearance in Copper are not supported in the current version.
  • JIG Pin Type
    • The default value of JIG pin type is extracted in 4W that generates two JIG pins. If this option is activated, it generates 2W type, which will generate one JIG pin, for the larger pattern width than specified values.
  • JIG Remove Option
    • JIG pins will not be created for the checked routing pattern.

Setting for Verification

Define the parameter for displaying the pin and comparing netlists.

In the Setting menu, click Setting for Verification.
  • JIG Pin Displaying Size in Result: Specify the display size of the JIG pin.
  • Color: Specify the color to display pins in each netlist.