Tutorial: Immersion Quenching

Set up and run an immersion quenching analysis, then interpret the results.

Open the Tutorial Model

Data files are available in the tutorial_models folder in the installation directory in Program Files\Altair\2024\InspireExtrudeMetal2024\tutorial_models\extrudemetal\tutorial-9\.
  1. Open the dumbbell_profile.x_t tutorial model file.
  2. Position the model as shown.

  3. Set the display units to Metric (mm kg MPa C s).

Orient the Model

  1. On the ribbon, click the Extrusion tab.
  2. Click the Orient icon.

  3. On the model, click the exit surface.

    The model is oriented such that the profile is on the run out table surface, which is at Y=0, and the profile extrudes in the +Z direction.

Change the Solid Profile

  1. Click the Quenching ribbon.
  2. Click the Profile icon.

  3. On the model, click the exit surface as shown.

  4. Enter 1000 mm for Profile Length.
The model should now have a profile identical to the below figure.

Create an Immersion Quenching Zone

  1. On the Quench icon, click the Create Quench System satellite.

  2. Click the Immersion icon.

  3. Change the Zone Start measurement to 250.00 mm.

Review the Coolant Material Properties

  1. Click the Materials icon.

  2. Ensure that you are using the default material data for this analysis.

  3. Click OK to confirm.
    Note: To edit materials or add new ones, use the Material Database as shown in previous tutorials.

Run a Quenching Analysis

  1. Save the model.
  2. Click the Run Analysis icon.

  3. Enter and review the following parameters for the Quenching Analysis:

  4. Click Run.

Review the Quenching Results

  1. When the analysis is complete, double click the name of the run to open the results.
    Note: You can also open the dumbbell_profile_RUN.iem file to view those same results.
  2. In the Analysis Explorer, select the Temperature result type.
  3. Click the Play button in the animation ribbon.

  4. Select and animate the other result types.
  5. Right click to exit the Analysis Explorer.