Tutorial: Setup a Symmetric Model

Prepare a symmetric model for various forms of simulation.

There are several angles of symmetric models for simulation.
  • 10°
  • 30°
  • 45°
  • 90°
  • 180°

Import/Process Die Geometry

Import die geometry and set-up the model as per the method used in Tutorial: Solid Profile Extrusion.
  1. After a complete setup, trim the full model in the indicated area.

  2. Select the parts, and right-click and select Convert Bodies to Parts.
  3. Delete unwanted solids and bearing curves.

  4. Organize solids as Billet, Feeder, Portholes, Pocket1, etc., as it was modeled previously.
  5. Organize lines belonging to the bearing curve as BearingCurve.

Create Process Data

  1. Click the Process Data icon.

  2. Click the Symmetry icon.

  3. Select the symmetry surface.
  4. Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.
  5. Proceed to Simulation.