Change the Display Mode

Select a display mode for a scene, such as Wireframe, Shaded, MatCap, Zebra, Performance Render, and Quality Render.

  1. In the view controls, click the Display Mode tool.
  2. You have the following options:
    Option Description
    Show Visible Edges Turn on this option to show you model with edges.
    Wireframe The wireframe mode offers the fastest display. Objects are displayed as curve meshes.
    Shaded The shaded mode is useful for seeing the shape of objects and how lights illuminate the scene.
    MatCap The MatCap mode allows you to apply a "material capture" to an object. The MatCap is a complete material that includes lighting and reflection, to quickly sculpt or render the object.

    A few default shaders are available; you can find more online.

    Zebra The zebra mode is useful for spotting discontinuities between adjacent surfaces.

    Select horizontal or vertical stripes.

    Performance Render
    • An interactive, physically-based renderer
    • High-speed rendering
    • Works on all GPUs
    Quality Render
    • An interactive, ray tracing based renderer
    • Highest quality rendering fully featured with a built-in denoiser
    • Works only with GPUs with hardware ray tracing cores available
    Render Options
    • Face Isoparms: View your model with isoparm lines.
    • Ground Shadows: View your model with ground shadows.
    • Statistics: View information about the model such as frames per second and performance.