Licensing Features

Some ribbon tabs are associated with license features. Depending upon the tab you have invoked, additional units may be drawn. These features will be checked out for the duration of the session.

When you select a tab on the ribbon and the following license error message is displayed, you should check in specific license features to draw sufficient Altair units.

To check in specific license features:

  1. Exit from the tab you want to check in by selecting a different ribbon tab.
  2. Right-click the tab you want to check in, and then select Check in License Feature.
    Figure 1. Example: Checking in the PolyMesh tab. In this example, we selected the Fluids tab to exit from the PolyMesh tab. Then we right-clicked the PolyMesh tab to select Check in license feature.

Or you can check in a license feature by hiding the tab altogether. From the View menu, select Ribbons, then turn off the tab you want to check in and hide.