Result Types for SLM

3D printing analysis for SLM produces results for displacement, Von Mises stress, collision distance, layer shifting, and failure index.


The displacement result type shows how much your model will displace or deflect during the 3D printing process. The areas of the model that are the darkest orange will have the most displacement.

When reviewing displacement results, you should check that the order of magnitude of the displacement and the shape of the deformation make sense. Use the Animation tools on the Analysis Explorer to view the shape of the deformation.

von Mises Stress

The von Mises stress results can be used to predict part performance and durability. Areas shown in orange/red have exceeded the peak stress.

Collision Distance

This result type shows the distance between the printer’s recoater and the top material layer of the printed part. If this distance is less than 0, the recoater will collide with the part when printing.

Layer Shifting

This result type shows the surface roughness that occurs when a printed layer contracts as it cools, and the next layer is printed according to the dimensions of the file.

Note: This result does not consider inter-layer differences that are inherent to the part's design, but only the effects of thermal contraction.

Failure Index

This result type will help you to identify regions where the part may break or crack. Regions colored in red represent failure areas, orange represents critical areas, and gray represents safe areas.