OS-V: 0280 Axisymmetric Elements - Interference Fit Between Two Cylinders

The model examines the contact pressure between two cylinders in case of interference fit of 20 mm.

Figure 1. Model and Loading Description

Model Files

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Benchmark Model

2D axisymmetric elements (CQAXI) elements are used to model 2 cylinders.

A minus gap clearance of 20 mm is used to analyze interference fit between the cylinders. The cylinders are vertically fixed. Stationary frictionless contacts are used.
Material Properties
Young's modulus
206 GPa
Poisson's ratio

Nonlinear Static Analysis Results

Static analysis was carried out using 1 increment.
OptiStruct NAFEMS Normalized Target Value
Contact Pressure 2.35 2.27 1.035
Figure 2. Contact Pressure Between the Cylinders


NAFEMS R0081 - Benchmark tests for finite element modeling of contact, gapping and sliding