Change the Display Options

You can use the display options to change the appearance of the contour colors.
  1. From the View Controls toolbar, click .
  2. From the Contour panel, click the Display tab.
  3. Activate the Discrete color check box to Produces discrete color bands on contour plots with distinct boundaries between contour levels.
    This option uses a texture mapping capability in your graphics card. If your graphics card does not support texture mapping, the performance may slow down.
  4. Activate the Interpolate colors check box to interpolate the contour colors from the undeformed shape, with a zero value, to the result variable reported from the solver.
    If you do not select Interpolate colors, the contour colors remain the same for all frames. This is only applied to modal and linear static animation.
    Note: The changes are automatically applied to the model as you enter information.