Mid-side Node Elemental Results in Contour

Mid-side nodes refers to the nodes in between the corner nodes of the 2nd order elements.

HyperLife presents all the corner and mid-side node results when the Use Corner Data option is checked in the Contour panel. However, if the solvers do not output mid-side node results (such as Nastran and OptiStruct), HyperLife will calculate the middle node stress and strain as follows if the Show midside node results check box is checked (turned on):
  • The stress and strain tensor of the middle nodes are the average of the corner nodes tensor.
    Figure 1. Example

    Note: The mid-side nodes in the example above are: A5, A6, A7, and A8.
  • Invariant values of the mid-side nodes (vonMises and principal) are calculated using their tensor values.